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University of Minnesota

Massive Stars Workshop 2012

University of Minnesota

Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics

Poster Presentations

Massive Stars, LBVs, and Hypergiants

1. "Peculiar X-ray Emission Properties at Spectral Type B1 Indicate a Mass Loss Rate Discrepancy"
Wayne Waldron, Eureka Scientific, Inc., Lidia Oskinova, University of Potsdam, Joseph Cassinelli, University of Wisconsin.

2. "Beyond Two-Temperature Fits: Inferring X-ray Differential Emission Measure in Supersonic Winds and Ejecta"
Ken Gayley, University of Iowa.

3. "Five Spectroscopic Categories of O-Type Candidate GRB Progenitors"
Nolan Walborn, Space Telescope Science Institute.

4. "Var C in M33: Long-Term (Semi-) Periodic Variability of an LBV in M33"
B. Burggraf, K. Weis and D.J. Bomans, Astronomical Institute, Ruhr Universiteit, M. Henze, H. Meusinger, O. Sholukhova.

5. "Monitoring the Outburst of the Luminous Blue Variable R71 with X-Shooter"
A. Mehner, ESO (Chile), D. Baade, ESO (Garching), O. Stahl, Landessternwarte Heidelberg-Königsstuhl, T. Rivinius, ESO (Chile), C. Martayan, ESO (Chile), S. Stefl, ALMA.

6. "Photometric and Spectral Monitoring of Newly Identified Candidate Luminous Blue Variables and Other Massive Stars"
Guy S. Stringfellow, University of Colorado, Brandon Bell, University of Colorado, Vasilii V. Gvaramadze, Sternberg Astronomical Institute, David Simmons, University of Colorado.

7. "LBVs in Transition - Spectral and Photometric Variability of the LBV Gal024.73+0.69"
Guy S. Stringfellow, University of Colorado.

8. "Modelling the Optical Spectrum of Romano's Star"
Olga Maryeva, Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences

9. "Massive Star Transients at Low Metallicity"
D.J. Bomans, Astronomical Institute, Ruhr Universiteit.

10. "High Resolution 2-5 Micron Imaging of Hypergiant Stars: Constraining the Mass Loss"
Dinesh Shenoy, University of Minnesota.

11. "Pulsation Hydrodynamics and Mass Loss in Luminous Blue Variables"
Catherine C. Lovekin and Joyce A. Guzik, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

12. "Constraints on Impulsive Mass Loss in η Carinae"
Nicola Clemental, Leiden University

Giant Eruptions

13. "In Search of ... *η*-Car"
Rubab Khan, Ohio State University.

14. "JHK Photometry of Eta Carinae with IRSF/SIRIUS – Another Evidence for the Decreasing Wind Hypothesis"
A. Mehner, ESO (Chile), Kazunori Ishibashi and Takahiro Nagayama, Nagoya University.

15. "SN2011ht -- Supernova or Impostor?"
R. Humphreys, K. Davidson, T. J. Jones, University of Minnesota, Rick Pogge, Ohio State University, Skyler Grammer, University of Minnesota, Jose Prieto, Princeton University, Tyler Pritchard, Penn State University.

SN and SN Progenitors

16. "Progenitors of SNe II Associated with Yellow Supergiants"
Nancy Elias de la Rosa, Institut de Ciències de L'Espai, Spain.

17. "Supernova 1998S at 14 Years Postmortem - Continuing Circumstellar Interaction and Dust Formation"
Jon Mauerhan, University of Arizona - Steward Observatory.

18. "Mass and Metallicity Constraints on Supernova Progenitors from Integral Field Spectroscopic Study of the Explosion Site"
Hanindyo Kuncarayakti, Institute of Astronomy, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo, Japan.

19. "Comparative Study of Late-time Light Curves of Type Ic Supernovae"
Kuntal Misra and Andrew Fruchter, Space Telescope Science Institute.

20. "Light Curve Modeling of Superluminous Supernovae and its Implication for Their Progenitors"
Takashi Moriya, Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, Japan.

21. "Peak Magnitude Distributions and Rates of Superluminous Supernovae"
Robert Quimby, Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, Japan.

22. "A Search for Failed Supernovae"
Jill Gerke, Ohio State University.

Theory and Models

23. "Exploding Core-Collapse Supernovae with Jittering Jets"
Noam Soker, Technion, Israel.

24. "Massive Stars evolution with MESA Star"
Matteo Cantiello, University of California, Santa Barbara.

25. "Core-collapse SN Observables and Massive Star Evolution"
Evan O'Connor, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics.

26. "Three Possible Stellar Explosions Beyond Hypernovae"
Ken Chen, University of Minnesota, Alexander Heger, MOCA, Stan Woosley, University of California, Santa Cruz, Ann Almgren, LBNL.

The First Stars and the Early Universe

27. "Ultimate Fate of the Most Massive Stars in the Early Universe"
Ken Chen, University of Minnesota, Alexander Heger, MoCA, Ann Almgre, LBNL, Stan Woosley, University of California, Santa Cruz.

28. "From the First Stars to the First Galaxies"
Ken Chen, University of Minnesota, Myoungwon Jeo, UT, Thomas Greif, MPA, Volker Bromm, UT/MPA, Alexander Heger, MoCA.

Late Posters

29. "Understanding Compact Object Formation and Natal Kicks: The Case of Cygnus X-1
Tsing Wai Wong, Northwestern University

30. "SN2009ip"
Mauerhan et al.