How to Submit/Modify a Moon Observation Online

Missed the link from the previous page?
Click here to Submit a Moon Observation

Want to modify your previous observation? Do the following:
1. Click here to Submit a Moon Observation
2. Find the observation you want to change. Associated with this observation is a button that says 'Modify Observation'.
3. Click on the button that says 'Modify Observation'.
4. Modify the parts you need to modify (Note: A running record is kept on everything you submit and modify. Your TA may ask that you not modify certain boxes, especially your fist count.).
5. Click 'Submit'.
6. Confirm the changes.
7. You're done! Now go outside and take some more observations.

Want to know where the computers are on campus?

Please keep in mind that you are basically transferring the numbers you have on paper onto the web.
If you don't know how to fill out the sheet on paper, reread the Observation Sheet Instructions before moving on.

Ready? Here are the further instructions:
1. Click here to Submit a Moon Observation
2. Type in your student ID # and password to log in (your X.500).
3. If you are successful in logging in, and it is your first time logging in, you will need to agree to some statements before you're allowed to continue. 4. Before doing anything else, click on "change student settings" in the upper left and enter a phone number (###-###-####, real or not), and your 'Degrees per Fist'. The value for 'Degrees per Fist (or Degrees per Hand)' is your own personal measurement that you found in Lab D: Observing the Moon. If you missed lab D or otherwise still do not know what this means, ask your TA as soon as possible.
5. Now you should be ready to submit observations. The page is set up to look almost exactly like your Moon Observation Sheet (*.pdf file).
6. You can submit one observation at a time.

7. If you have submitted an observation, a new page will show up listing your current observations and contact information.
8. Repeat steps 5 to 8.
9. Once you finish submitting, that's it! Now go outside and take some more observations.

If you feel the website is behaving oddly, please send an email to your TA or instructor. Thanks!


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