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AST 1001/1005/1011H — Office Hours

Lecturer Office Hours

All of the Astronomy lecturers try to make themselves accessible to answer questions outside of class. This semester, the instructors offer the following office hours:

C. Scarlata (Lecture 001):
By appointment
C. Woodward (Lectures 002 & 003):
By appointment
M. Gomer (Lecture 004):
By appointment

The instructors may be available at other times as well or by appointment: see their syllabi for more information on your specific instructor's availability.

TA Office Hours

Whether you're having trouble with the lecture material, need help with the moon project, or simply want to discuss the reading, the Astronomy TAs are happy to talk to you! Please feel free to visit any Astronomy TA for help during their scheduled office hours. All TA office hours are held in the side office of Tate 510-02. To reach 510-02, take the main staircase or elevators to the 4th floor, then walk around the atrium following the signs for the observatory dome. Enter room 510, and 510-02 will be inside. You should also feel free to contact the TAs if you are in need of assistance.

Tate 510

Contact Information

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John T. Tate Hall, 116 Church St. SE, Minneapolis, MN, 55455

P: (612) 624-4811