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AST 1001/1005/1011H — Lecture & Lab Schedules

Lecture Schedules

Section 001: 9:45 – 11:00 AM MoWe in Tate Hall B20 - C. Scarlata
Section 002: 9:45 – 11:00 AM TTh in Tate Hall B20 - C. Woodward
Section 003: 1:00 – 2:15 PM TTh in Tate Hall B50 - C. Woodward
Section 004: 6:30 – 7:45 PM MoWe in Tate Hall B20 - M. Gomer

Lab Schedule

Note! Fall Session labs begin on the second week of class, Monday September 10, 2018

If you wish to switch lab sections, please be sure to contact the TA before showing up for their section. Labs will be held in Tate B27 and B29.

Tate B27

Tate B29

Lab Schedule
Week of: Lab Topic
Sept 4 No Labs
Sept 10 Lab A (Observing the Moon) Moon Observing Events: 4pm Thursday, September 13 and Friday, September 14, Tate 510
Sept 17 Lab B (Astronomical Distances)
Sept 24 Lab C (Kepler's Laws), Moon Project Part 1 due 3pm, Sept 28 (minimum 3 observations)
Oct 1 Lab D (Telescopes)
Oct 8 Lab E (Impacts from Space)
Oct 15 Lab F (Extraterrestrial Life)
Oct 22 Lab G (Energy Flows)
Oct 29 Lab H (Atomic Spectroscopy), Moon Project Part 2 due 3pm, Nov 2 (minimum 9 observations)
Nov 5 Lab I (H-R Diagram)
Nov 12 Lab J (History of Matter)
Nov 19 No Labs — Enjoy Thanksgiving!
Nov 26 Lab K (Expansion of Universe), Final Moon Project due 3pm, Nov 30 (minimum 15 observations and Final Report)
Dec 3 Lab L (Dark Matter)
Dec 10 No Labs

Contact Information

MN Institute for Astrophysics

University of Minnesota
John T. Tate Hall, 116 Church St. SE, Minneapolis, MN, 55455

P: (612) 624-4811

E: MIfA@umn.edu