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Main Office: 345 Fraser
Phone: 612-624-4811
Fax: 612-626-2029
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Cattell, Cynthia Amundson 385 (612) 626-8918
Professor Research interests: Space plasma physics; magnetic and electric field measurements; auroral particle acceleration;particle acceleration processes;non-linear plasma physics; magnetic reconnection and shocks.

Cushman, Priscilla PAN 327 (612) 626-8917
(612) 624-1534
Professor Research interests: Exploration into the building blocks of matter through complementary approaches: (1) the most senstitive search for a direct signal from the dark matter halo surrounding our galaxy (the CDMS experiment in the Soudan Underground Laboratory in northern Minnesota), (2) the highest energy accelerator (the CMS experiment at the future Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland), and (3) the most precise measurement of the magnetic moment of the muon (g-2 at Brookhaven Lab in New York).

Davidson, Kris D. McNamara 160/146-1 (612) 624-5711
Professor Emeritus Research interests: Emission-line analyses; quasi-stellar objects; supernova remnants; x-ray sources; massive stars.

Dickey, John M.
Professor Emeritus Research interests: Radio astronomy; single dish and aperture synthesis; spectral lines; structure of the interstellar medium.

Fortson, Lucy PAN 354 (612) 624-9587
Associate Professor Research interests: High-energy astrophysics, gamma-ray astronomy, extragalactic astronomy including active galactic nuclei and barred spirals; Developing online citizen science as a method to solve research problems with large datasets; physics education research.

Gehrz, Robert D. Shepherd 533
Shepherd 544
(612) 624-7806
Professor Research interests: Infrared Astronomy; novae; circumstellar and interstellar dust; development of novel instrumentation.

Glesener, Lindsay Shepherd 193 (612) 624-8392
Assistant Professor Research interests: Solar and space physics; high-energy astrophysics; astronomical instrumentation development

Hanany, Shaul PAN 316 (612) 626-8929
Professor Research interests: Studies of the early universe through observations of the cosmic microwave background, its anisotropy and polarization properties.

Humphreys, Roberta M. McNamara 160/146-1 (612) 624-6530
Professor Emeritus Research interests: Astronomy and astrophysics; stellar spectroscopy; galactic and extragalactic studies; the cosmic distance scale. She heads the Automated Plate Scanner Research Group.

Jones, Terry J. Fraser 353 (612) 624-8009
Professor Research interests: Infrared Astronomy; polarimetry; interstellar medium; galaxies.

Jones, Thomas W. McNamara 160/144
Walter 411
(612) 624-8546
(612) 624-1699
Professor Research interests: Theoretical Astrophysics; numerical astrophysics; gas dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, active galaxies, supernova remnants; cosmic ray acceleration.

Kelly, Patrick Tate 285-12
Assistant Professor

Kuhi, Len
Professor Emeritus

Lysak, Robert Amundson 383 (612) 625-1323
Professor Research interests: Particle acceleration and the dynamics of current flow in the earth's auroral zone.

Mandic, Vuk PAN 328 (612) 624-6844
Assistant Professor Research interests: Gravitational wave physics, observational cosmology, early universe physics.

Olive, Keith WBOB 130-10 (612) 624-7354
Professor Research interests: Particle physics and cosmology, big bang nucleosynthesis, the origin of the light element isotopes through 7Li; particle dark matter; big bang baryogenesis, and inflation.

Peloso, Marco WBOB 130-9 (612) 624-6525
Professor Research interests: Astroparticle physics, inflation, cosmology of extra-dimensions, physics beyond the standard model.

Pepin, Robert Shep 421
Lind 136
(612) 624-0819
(612) 625-2800
Professor Research interests: Origin and early history of volatile elements and compounds in the solar system as revealed by mass spectrometer measurements of noble gases and nitrogen in meteorites and lunar samples.

Pryke, Clement PAN 318 (612) 624-7578
Associate Professor Research interests: Astrophysics and cosmology; cosmic microwave background

Qian, Yong-Zhong McNamara 144-1 (612) 624-7567
Professor Research interests: Nuclear/particle astrophysics and cosmology, supernova explosion and nucleosynthesis, chemical evolution of galaxies, neutrino oscillations and their effects in astrophysical environments.

Rudnick, Lawrence Fraser 352 (612) 624-3396
Professor Research interests: Clusters of galaxies, large-scale structure, radio galaxies, relativistic particle acceleration, radio and X-ray astronomy.

Scarlata, M. Claudia PAN 349 (612) 626-1811
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies Research interests: Observations of high redshift galaxies, galaxy formation and evolution.

Skillman, Evan D. Fraser 335 (612) 624-9523
Director, MIfA Research interests: Chemical abundances; star formation; evolution of galaxies.

Waddington, Cecil J. Shepard 149 (612) 624-2566
Professor Emeritus Research interests: Cosmic ray physics; high-energy astrophysics; solar system science; chemical abundances; instrumentation

Williams, Liliya L. R. Fraser 333 (612) 624-1084
Director of Undergraduate Studies
TA Coordinator
Research interests: Theoretical cosmology; cosmological parameters; large scale structure; formation and evolution of galaxies and clusters of galaxies; gravitational lensing including computational techniques.

Woodward, Charles E. Shepherd 327 (612) 624-0254
Professor Research interests: Infrared instrumentation and technology development for observational astrophysics.

Woodward, Paul R. Walter 428 (612) 625-8049
Director, LCSE Research interests: Numerical Astrophysics; hydrodynamic simulations applied to a wide range of astrophysical problems.

Wygant, John (612) 626-8921
Professor Research interests: Spacecraft measurement of electric fields and particle acceleration in space plasmas.

[top]Postdoctoral Associates

Dickinson, Hugh PAN 351
Postdoctoral Associate

Kovacs, Attila (612) 624-7806
Postdoctoral Associate Research interests: Submillimeter astronomy

Mendygral, Peter Walter 415
Postdoctoral Associate Research Interests: Computational astrophysics, magnetohydrodynamics, active galaxies, galaxy clusters

Phillips, John PAN 355
Postdoctoral Associate

[top]Professional and Academic

Song, Yan Amundson 380 (612) 624-4053
Sr. Research Associate

[top]Graduate Students

Arneson, Ryan Fraser 345C (612) 626-2052

Bagley, Micaela PAN 320 (612) 621-1467

Beck, Melanie PAN 320 (612) 621-1467

Bullock, Eric PAN 320 (612) 621-1467

Chauhan, Sourabh Fraser 345

Cheshire, James PAN 320 (612) 621-1467

Eggen, Nathan Tate 201-04

Garon, Avery Fraser 345C (612) 626-2052

Gomer, Matthew Fraser 345C (612) 626-2052

Gordon, Michael McNamara 160/142 (612) 626-2023

Knuth, Trevor Fraser 345

Lame'e, Mehdi Fraser 345C (612) 626-2052

Mao, Huaqing Fraser 345

Mehta, Vihang PAN 320 (612) 621-1467

Multu, Burcin Duluth, 421 MWAH

Nolting, Christopher McNamara 160/142 (612) 621-9529

O'Neill, Brian Walter 415

Priewe, Jett

Sandalski, Stou Walter 431 (612) 626-1765

Shahinyan, Karlen PAN 320 (612) 621-1467

Tyler, Evan Shepherd 194 (612) 624-6804
Outreach Coordinator

Young, Anthony Fraser 301 (612) 626-1841

Young, Karl PAN 314 (612) 626-9149


Bartels, Annie Fraser 354 (612) 624-7053

Thibeault, Terry Fraser 345 (612) 624-4811
Executive Assistant

[top]Locations and Phone Numbers

AST 1001 Labs Appleby 102  
Teaching Asst. Office Appleby 102 (612) 626-0034
Computer Support (612) 624-5040
Department Office Fraser 345 (612) 624-4811
(612) 626-2029 (fax)
Infrared Lab Shepherd 554 (612) 626-2067
Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering (LCSE) Walter 125/126 (612) 625-2879
(612) 626-0030 (fax)
Mt. Lemmon Observatory Tucson, AZ (520) 576-1617
Public Outreach  
O'Brien Observatory Marine-on-St.Croix, MN (651) 433-3425