Jared Bowden, M.S. 2004

Analysis of Infrared and Radio Observations of the Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A

by Jared Bowden

Under the supervision of Professor Larry Rudnick


It has been established that synchrotron radiation exists at wavelength of 2.2 microns in the young supernova remnant Cassiopeia A. We present the analysis of the synchrotron radiation signatures by studying radio data taken using the Very Large Array (1997-1998) and infrared data from two sources, the Hiltner telescope at MDM Observatory (2000) and the Hale 200 inch telescope (2001). Detailed radio spectral index maps of Cas A were created and we make a spectral comparison of the radio and infrared maps. We extend the conclusions from previous authors (e.g. Rho et al. (2003a)) in that we detect a concave curvature in the spectrum across many areas of the remnant, as would be expected if the accelerating shocks had been modified by the back pressure of the cosmic rays. Using color-color diagrams and multiple theoretical models, we try to constrain some of the injection parameters with the shock acceleration process.