Astrophysics Colloquium

Fall 2000 - Coordinated by L. Rudnick

Held in Physics 131 at 3:00pm on Fridays

(unless otherwise noted)

September 8

September 15 Dr. Yong-Zhong Qian, U. Minnesota

"From Rocks, Stars, and Galaxies to Neutrinos, Nuclei and Nuclear


September 22 Dr. Margaret Hanson, University of Cincinnati

"Forming the Most Massive Stars

September 29 Dr. Michael Eracleous, Pennsylvania State University

"Observing the Dynamical Signatures of Accretion Disks in Active


October 6 Dr. David Harker, NASA, Ames Research Center

"Crystals, Comets, and Their Connection to Protoplanetary Disk


October 13 Dr. Barbara Whitney, Space Science Institute, Colorado

"Some Insights into the Geometry and Dust Properties of Protostellar


October 20

October 27 Dr. Philip Solomon, SUNY

"Molecular Rings in ULTRALUMINOUS IR Galaxies: CO Images at

Low and High Redshift"

November 3

November 10 Dr. J. Michael Shull, University of Colorado, CASS

"The IGM and Reionization by the First Stars"

November 17 Dr. Jeremy King, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"Light Element Depletion in Solar-Type Stars: Where We Stand"

November 24 No Colloquium - University closed for Thanksgiving holiday

December 1 Dr. Peter Timple, U. Wisconsin

"CMB Polarization"

December 8 Dr. Philipp Kronberg, University of Toronto

"Intergalactic Magnetic Fields and Some Ideas About Their Origin"