U of Minnesota Astronomy DepartmentSpring 1999 Colloquia

Colloquium Coordinator: P. Woodward

September 14-- Dr. Garik Israelian, Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Spain. "Oxygen and Sulfur in the Early Galaxy"

September 21-- Dr. Sebastian Jester, Max-Planck-Institut fur Astronomie. "The Jet in 3C 273 from Radio to X-Rays"

September 28-- Dr. Michael Efroimsky Institute for Mathematics, U. Minnesota. "Inelastic Dissipation in a Freely Precessing Rotator. Applications to Interstellar-Dust Astrophysics, Tumbling Asteroids, Comets, Rotating Spacecraft, etc."

October 5-- Dr. David H. Porter, University of Minnesota. "Is THIS What a Red Giant Star Looks Like?"

October 12-- Dr. Wolfgang Duschl, Insitut fuer Theoretische Astrophysik, Universitaet Heidelberg. "The Evolution of Activity in Galaxies"

October 19-- Dr. Joseph Cassinelli, University of Wisconsin. "Unexpected Results Regarding the Sources of X-Ray Emission from Hot Stars from Resolved Line Profiles Obtained with the Chandra Satellite"

October 26-- Dr. David Chien-Chang Yen, Institute of Astr. and Astro., Taipei, Taiwan. "Galactic Central Regions: Wavelet Analysis and Numerical Simulation"

November 2-- Dr. Annick Pouquet, NCAR, Boulder, CO. "A Brief Review of Closures for Incompressible MGD Turbulence: Application to the Jovian Magnetosphere"

November 9-- Dr. Kristin Kearns, University of Wisconsin, Superior. "The Kitt Peak International Spectroscopic Survey: The Emission-Line Galaxy Survey and Various 'Spin-Off' Applications"

November 16-- Dr. Namir Kassim, Naval Research Laboratory. "Opening a New Window on the Electromagnetic Spectrum with LOFAR"

November 30-- Dr. Dave Arnett, University of Arizona. "Predictive Stellar Evolution"

December 14-- Dr. Lee Anne Willson, Iowa State University. "Miras, Mass Loss, and the Ultimate Fates of the Planets"


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