U of Minnesota Astronomy DepartmentFall 2002 Colloquia

Colloquium Coordinator: L. Williams

September 13-- Dr. Jerry Sellwood, Rutgers University "Maximum Disks and Their Implications"

September 20-- Dr. Sumner Starrfield, Arizona State U. "Nova Explosions: Hot Flashes on Degenerate Dwarfs"

September 27-- Dr. Alex Lazarian, U. Wisconsin, Madison. "Statistics of Turbulence from Observations"

October 4-- Dr. Gerry Brown, SUNY. "Evolution of Black Holes in the Galaxy"

October 11-- Dr. Xavier Hernandez, Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM. "CMDs, Star Formation Histories and Chemical Evolutionary Scenarios for the Local dSphs Ursa Minor, LeoI, LeoII and Draco"

October 18-- Dr. Dongsu Ryu, Chungnam U., UM Visitor. "The Parker Instability in the ISM: Recent Progress"

October 25-- Dr. Nadine G. Barlow, Northern Arizona U.. "The Search for Water on Mars"

November 1-- Dr. Jason Rhodes, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Ctr.. "Weak Lensing From Space"

November 8-- Dr. Andrea Dupree, Harvard CfA. "What's Hot About Cool Stars"

November 22-- Dr. Maxim Markevitch, Harvard CfA. "New Chandra Results on Clusters of Galaxies"