Astrophysics Colloquium
Fall 2003 - Coordinated by K. Davidson
Held in Physics 210 at 3:35pm on Fridays
(unless otherwise noted)

September 12       Dr. John Martin, University of Minnesota                                            K. Davidson/
                             "The Origins and Evolutionary Status of B Stars                                  R. Humphreys
                             Found Far from the Galactic Plane"

September 19       Dr. Schuyler Van Dyk, Caltech                                                             R. Humphreys
                             "Unusual Supernovae and Massive Stellar Evolution"

September 26       No colloquium

October 3             Dr. John Hillier, University of Pittsburgh                                            K. Davidson
                             "The Enigma of Massive Stars and Their Winds"

October 10          Dr. Jill Tarter, SETI Institute                                                                 L. Kuhi
                            "SETI 2020: A Roadmap for the Search for
                            Extraterrestrial Intelligence"

October 17          Dr. Anthony Moffat, University of Montreal                                       R. Humphreys/
                           "Massive Carbon-Rich WR Stars Spiraling Dust into                          K. Davidson
                           the ISM"

October 24          Dr. Sean Casey, NASA ARC                                                                 E. Polomski/
                            "Astronomers Return to the Stratosphere"                                            C. Woodward

October 31          

November 7          Dr. Timothy Beers, Michigan State University                                  R. Humphreys
                             "The Frequency of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars
                              and Inferences on the IMF in the Early Universe"

November 14         Dr. Stan Owocki, University of Delaware                                         K. Davidson
                               "Winds that Sail on Starlight"

November 21         Dr. LeeAnne Willson, Iowa State University                                     L. Kuhi
                               "Some say the world will end in Fire ... Do we know the answer?"

November 28         U closed - Thanksgiving Holiday

December 5          

December 12