Astrophysics Colloquium
Fall 2005 - Coordinated by Tom W. Jones
Held in Physics 210 at 3:35pm on Fridays
(unless otherwise noted)

September 16 David Burrows, Penn State U.
Title: " The Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Explorer: Early Views into Black Hole Creation"
Host: T.W. Jones
September 23 Department picnic
September 30 David Kohlstedt, U. Minnesota, Geology
Title: "Shearing Melt out of the Mantle: The Relation Among Mantle Flow, Melt Migration, and Seismic Anistropy"
Host: T.W. Jones
October 14 Richard McCray, U. Colorado
Title: "SN1987A: The Birth of a Supernova Remnant"
Host: R.D. Gehrz
October 21 Mark Lacy, Caltech, Spitzer Science Center
Title: "Dust obscured quasars in Spitzer's Extragalactic First Look Survey"
Host: E. Ryan
October 26 Mike DuVernois, U. Minnesota, Physics, (Physics & Astronomy Seminar)
October 28 Jan Vrtilek, Harvard-Smithsonian, CfAK
Title: "Chandra and XMM View Galaxy Groups: Sharper Images, New Insights"
Host: K. Delain
November 4 Wil Van Breugel, U. California, LLNLT
Title: "Radio Galaxies: Near and Far"
Host: T.W. Jones
November 11 George Wallerstein, U. Washington
Title: "The Color-Magnitude Diagram and Metallicity of the Unusual Globular Cluster NGC 6388"
Host: R. Humphreys
November 18 John Samson, U. Alberta
Title: "Nonlinear Magnetohydrodynamic Stability and Instabilities in the Earth's magnetosphere and astrophysical magnetospheres"
Host: R. Lysak
November 25 No Colloquium - Thanksgiving
November 30 Charles Woodward, U. Minnesota, Astronomy, (Physics & Astronomy Seminar)
(Wednesday) Title: "DEEP IMPACT - A Probe of Comet Structure and Origins"
December 2 Alan Shapiro, U. Minnesota, Physics and History of Science and Technology
Title: "From the Heavens to the Earth: Newton's Optical Investigations"
December 9 Kevin Rauch, U. Maryland
Title: "Black Holes in AGN" abstract
Host: L. Williams