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Astrophysics Colloquium

Fall 2007 - Coordinated by C. Woodward
Held in Physics 210 at 3:00pm on Fridays
(unless otherwise noted)

September 14 Dr. Michael Kelley, U. Central Florida
Title: The Size Distribution and Surface Properties of Comet Nuclei
Host: C. Woodward
September 21 Dr. Jan-Uwe Ness, Arizona State U.
Title: The X-ray View of Classical Novae
Host: C. Woodward
September 28 -
Title: -
Host: -
October 5 Dr. David Ciardi, Michelson Science Center, Caltech
Title: A Search for Dust in the Habitable Zones Around Solar-like Stars
Host: C. Woodward
October 12 Dr. Jason Harris, Steward Observatory
Title: Magellanic Mystery Tour
Host: E. Skillman
October 19 Dr. Robert Benjamin, U. Wisconsin, White Water
Title: The Milky Way Galaxy: A (Re)Introduction
Host: C. Woodward
October 26 Dr. Dean Townsley, U. Chicago
Title: Explosions in Mass Transferring White Dwarf Stellar Binaries
Host: C. Woodward
November 2 Dr. Doug Leonard, SDSU
Title: Seeking the Type Ia Supernova Progenitor
Host: S. Warren
November 9 Dr. Dean Hines, Space Sci. Inst.
Title: The Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems
Host: C. Woodward
November 16 Dr. Andy Sheinis, U. Wisconsin, Madison
Title: Host Galaxies of Luminous Quasars: Structural Properties and the Fundamental Plane
Host: T.J. Jones
November 23 No Colloquium - Thanksgiving Holiday
November 30 Kris Davidson - U. Minnesota
Title: Eta and the Supernova Imposters
Host: -
December 7 Dr. Cynthia Cattell, U. Minnesota, Physics
Title: STEREO Observations of Large Amplitude Whistler-mode Waves in Earth's Radiation Belts: Implications for Relativistic Electron Acceleration and Loss
Host: C. Woodward