U of Minnesota Astronomy DepartmentFall 1997 Colloquia

Colloquium Coordinator: Paul Woodward

October 3-- Dr. Jose Garcia-Barreto, Intituto de Astronomia, Mexico. "Observations of Barred Galaxies: A Search for Circumstellar Structures".

October 10-- Dr. Brian Fields, University of Minnesota (Physics). "Halo White Dwarfs, MACHOs, and the Hot Intergalactic Medium".

October 17-- Dr. David Porter, University of Minnesota. "Turbulent Stellar Convection".

October 24-- Dr. Geoff Marcy, San Francisco State University. "Discovery of Planets Orbiting Sun-like Stars".

October 31-- Dr. Augusto Damineli, Institute Astronomico e Geofisico da Universidade de Sao Paulo and U.Colorado. "Predicting the Spectroscopic Events in Eta Carinae".

November 7-- Dr. Juri Toomre, University of Colorado. "Helioseismology: Probing the Structure and Dynamics of the Solar Interior".

November 14-- Dr. Alex Fridman, Russian Academy of Sciences. "The Galactic Center Dynamics: The Origin of the 'Mini-Spiral'".

November 21-- Dr. Donald Cox, University of Wisconsin. "The Local Bubble"

November 28-- Thanksgiving

December 5-- Dr. John Salmon, Caltech. "Out-of-Core N-body Calculations on Beowulf pile of PCs".


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