U of Minnesota Astronomy DepartmentSpring 2002 Colloquia

Colloquium Coordinator: E. Skillman

January 25-- Dr. Kerstin Weis, U. Minnesota. "New Insights on LBV Nebulae - One Year of Research at the U of M"

February 8-- Dr. Sidney van den Bergh, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory. "The Morphological Evolution of Galaxies Over the Last 10 Gyr"

February 15-- Dr. Snezana Stanimirovic, Arecibo Observatory. "The Magellanic Stream as a Probe of the Density of the Galactic Halo"

February 22-- Dr. Lisa Young, New Mexico Tech. "High Resolution Observations of Molecular Gas in Elliptical Galaxies"

March 1-- Dr. Chris Stubbs, University of Washington. "SuperMacho and Supernovae: Astrophysics in the Time Domain"

March 8-- Dr. Abi Saha, NOAO. "H0 from Type Ia Supernovae: the Case for Why H0 Must be 65 km/s/Mpc."

March 15-- Dr. Stephen Smartt, Cambridge. "Massive Stellar Evolution and the Progenitors of Supernovae"

March 29-- Dr. Rick Pogge, Ohio State. "Nuclear Dust in Nearby Seyferts: Obscuration and Fueling"

April 5-- Dr. Eline Tolstoy, Groningen University. "Measuring the Chemical Enrichment History of Nearby Galaxies"

April 12-- Dr. David Sanders, University of Hawaii. "The Infrared Universe: The Cosmic Evolution of Superstarbursts and Massive Black Holes"

April 19-- Dr. Matt Shetrone, University of Texas. "Local dSph: Another Detailed Example of Chemical Evolution"

April 26-- Dr. Taft Armandroff, NOAO. "The Stellar Populations of the Dwarf Spheroidal Companions to M31"

May 3-- Dr. Mario Mateo, University of Michigan. "Substructure in the Galactic Halo"

May 10-- Dr. Gary Ferland, University of Kentucky. "Fundamental Questions about the Orion Nebula"


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