Astronomy Colloquia

University of Minnesota

Department of Astronomy

Astrophysics Colloquium
Spring 2004 - Coordinated by J. Dickey
Held in Physics 210 at 3:35pm on Fridays
(unless otherwise noted)

Date Speaker Topic Host
January 23 Dr. Marijke Haverkorn
Harvard University
"Turbulence in the Warm Ionized Interstellar Gas"
January 30 Dr. Charles Kerton
Iowa State University
"Star Formation in Halos Around Single O-star HII Regions"
February 6 No colloquium this week.
February 13 No colloquium this week.
February 20 Dr. Chip Kobulnicky
University of Wyoming
"Tracing the Chemical Enrichment Histories of Starforming Galaxies From z = 0.2 to z = 3"
February 23 Dr. H. Lamers
University of Utrecht
The Formation and Destruction of Star Clusters in Interacting Galaxies. (Room 435) Humphreys
February 27 Dr. Kelsey Johnson
University of Wisconsin
Extreme Star Formation in the Local Universe: From Ultracompact HII Regions to Proto Globular Clusters.
March 5 Dr. Jo Anne Brown
University of Calgary
The Magnetic Field of the Galaxy: New Insights from the International Galactic Plane Survey.
March 12 No colloquium this week.
March 19 Dr. Earle Luck
Case Western Reserve University
Cepheid Abundances and the Galactic Metallicity Gradient John Martin
March 26 Dr. Robert Benjamin
University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
A Quick Look at GLIMPSE: Spitzer Space Telescope Observations of the Galactic Plane
April 2 Dr. Eric Wilcots
University of Wisconsin, Madison
The Evolution of the Gas Content of Galaxy Groups
April 9 Dr. Doug Finkbeiner
Princeton University
Microwave ISM Emission Observed with WMAP and Green Bank
April 16 Dr. Tim Hankins
New Mexico Institute of Technology
Nanosecond Radio Pulses from the Crab Pulsar:
Implications for the Emission Mechanism
April 23 No colloquium this week.
April 30 Dr. Steve Ellingson
Virginia Tech
Wide Field Radio Transient Searches
May 7 Dr. Colin Lonsdale
Haystack Observatory
Colliding Galaxies: Probing Obscured Nuclei with Radio Astronomy