Astronomy Colloquia

University of Minnesota

Department of Astronomy

Astrophysics Colloquium
Spring 2005 - Coordinated by T.J. Jones
Held in Physics 210 at 3:35pm on Fridays
(unless otherwise noted)

January 28 Dr. Ellen Zweibel, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, JILA
Title: "The Origin of Galactic Magnetic Fields"
February 4 No Colloquium
February 11 Dr. Victoria Interrante, U of Minnesota, Computer Science & Engineering
Title: "Visualization Techniques for Multivariate 2D and 3D Flows"
February 18 Dr. Elisha Polomski, U of Minnesota
Title: "Dusty YSOs and the FU Ori Systems"
February 25 Dr. Barbara Whitney, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, Space Science Inst.
Title: "Radiation Transfer of Young Stellar Objects, and Pretty Pictures Too"
March 4 Dr. Subir Banerjee, U of Minnesota, Geology
Title: "When is the Next Geomagnetic Reversal? Night thoughts of a Geophysicist"
March 11 Dr. Josh Kempner, Harvard-Smithsonian, CfA
Title: "Breaking self-similarity in poor clusters of galaxies"
March 17 No colloquium - Spring Break
March 25 Dr. Christopher Packham, University of Florida, Astronomy
Title: "Mid-Infrared Observations and Instrumentation: Investigating the Torus around AGN
April 1 Dr. Brent Buckalew, U of Wyoming
Title: "The Nature of Radio-Selected Star Clusters in M 33 from the Ultraviolet to the Far-Infrared
April 8 Dr. Paul Eskridge, Mankato State U
Title: "Pixel-Mapping -- A New Approach to Surface Photometry"
April 15 Dr. Michael Sitko, University of Cincinnati, Physics
Title: "The Red Rectangle Two Decades Later: What Have We Learned Since the Last Time I Gave This Talk?"
April 22
April 29 Dr. Pierre Bastien, University of Montreal
Title: "The Circumstellar Environment of Young Stars from Their Polarization"
May 6 Dr. Michael Skrutskie, University of Virginia
Title: "On Alien Stars in Your Backyard? A 2MASS Search for Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy Stars in the Solar Neighborhood"