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Astrophysics Colloquium
Spring 2006 - Coordinated by Larry Rudnick
Held in Physics 210 at 3:35pm on Fridays
(unless otherwise noted)

January 20 Dr. Andrew Cole, U Minnesota, Astronomy
Title: "K Giants and the G Dwarf Problem in the Large Magellanic Cloud"
Host: E. Skillman
January 27 Dr. Tracey DeLaney, CfA
Title: "Time Variability in the X-ray Nebula Powered by Pulsar B1509-58"
Host: L. Rudnick
February 3 Dr. J. Christopher Howk, Notre Dame
Title: "Studying the Cosmic Evolution of Galaxies Through Their Gas"
Host: A. Cole
February 10 No colloquium this week
February 17 Dr. Fred Lo, NRAO
Title: "Mega-masers and Dark Energy"
Host: L. Rudnick
February 24 Dr. JD Smith, U. of Arizona
Title: "Spitzer SINGS a New Song"
Host: L. Rudnick
March 3 Dr. Michelle Creech-Eakman, New Mexico Tech
Title: "Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer: A Facility Class Optical Imaging Interferometer"
Host: T.J. Jones
March 10 Dr. Tom Roellig, NASA/Ames Research Center
Title: "Spitzer Spectroscopy of Low-Mass Dwarfs - Clouds and Chemistry at the Bottom of the IMF"
Host: R. Gehrz
March 17 Spring break - no colloquium
March 24 Dr. Karl E. Haisch, Utah Valley State College
Title: "New Observational Frontiers in the Multiplicity of Young Stars"
Host: E. Polomski
March 31 Dr. Christopher S. Reynolds, U. Maryland
Title: "Radio-Galaxy Feedback in the Cores of Galaxy Clusters"
Host: J. Ennis
Arpil 7 Dr. John Weiss, Space Science Inst/CICLOPS
Title: "Gravity's Playground: New Views of Saturn's Rings with Cassini"
Host: K. Delain
April 14 Dr. Douglas Arnold, U Minnesota, Inst for Math
Title: "Numerical Simulation and Gravitational Astronomy"
Host: R.M. Humphreys
April 21 Dr. Adam Frank, U. Rochester
Title: "Hypersonic Swizzle Sticks: Proto-Stellar Jets and Turbulence in Molecular Clouds"
Host: T.W. Jones
April 28 Dr. Tim Young, U. North Dakota
Title: "An Optical Afterglow Model For Bright Linear Type II Supernovae"
Host: L. Williams