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Astrophysics Colloquium
Spring 2007 - Coordinated by L.R. Williams
Held in Physics 210 at 3:35pm on Fridays
(unless otherwise noted)

January 18 (Thursday, 2:30 pm, Phys 133)
Dr. Chao-Lin Kuo, California Institute of Technology
Title: CMB Beyond the Acoustic Peaks
Host: S. Hanany
January 25 (Thursday, 2:00 pm, Phys 133)
Dr. Vuk Mandic, California Institute of Technology
Title: Searching for Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background with LIGO: Results and Implications
Host: S. Hanany
February 1 (Thursday, 2:00 pm, Phys 133)
Dr. Ignacio Taboada, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Neutrino Experiments
Host: S. Hanany
February 9 Dr. James Leger, University of Minnesota
Title: Managing Diffraction and Polarization: New Tools for Optical Scientists
Host: T.J. Jones
February 15 (Thursday, 2:00 pm, Phys 133)
Dr. Richard Schnee, Case Western University
Title: What's the Matter in the Universe? Looking for Wimps with the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
Host: S. Hanany
February 23 Dr. Anil Seth, Harvard SAO
Title: From the Inside Out: The Evolution of Late-Type Galaxy Nuclei and Disks
Host: E. Skillman
March 2
CANCELED due to weather
Dr. Eric Hallman, CASA, Colorado
Title: Simulated Large Area Galaxy Cluster Surveys
Host: T.W. Jones
March 9
March 16 No Colloquium - Spring Break
March 23 Dr. Karen Leighly, University of Oklahoma
Title: Quasar broad line region emission and kinematics
Host: L. Williams
March 30
April 6
April 13 Dr. Knut Olson, CTIO, NOAO
Title: The Structure and Kinematics of the LMC
Host: L. Williams
April 20 Dr. Sumner Starrfield, Arizona State University
Title: The 2006 Oubturst of RS Oph - A Hot Flash on a Degenerate Dwarf
Host: R.D. Gehrz
April 27
May 4 Dr. Rogier Windhorst, Arizona State University
Title: The James Webb Space Telescope: how can it measure First Light, Reionization, and Galaxy Assembly?
Host: L. Williams