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Undergraduate Program

Students in the Astrophysics Undergraduate Program at the University of Minnesota find a challenging, yet personal environment, where they can prepare themselves for careers in research, teaching, and other scientific areas. They receive a rigorous foundation in astronomy and physics, while working closely with internationally respected faculty on the most important astrophysical research problems of the day. Students and faculty make use of the excellent observational, laboratory, and computational facilities in the department as well as national and international observatories.



Students of astronomy and astrophysics take courses in a number of departments at the University. Here are descriptions of courses commonly taken within the program.

Astrophysics Degree

Astrophysics Degree

There is only one basic degree program in Astrophysics in CSE, but almost all career paths benefit from additional course work specific to that path. In many cases, such as secondary education, additional work is required for entrance into the post-baccalaureate programs in the state and elsewhere. All Astrophysics majors must meet the University-wide Liberal Arts requirements by graduation. CSE also has a composition requirement.

 Program Requirements Sample Program 4-Year Plan  

Student Employment

Faculty often directly hire undergraduates to work with them on their research. This is particularly true during summer months. Most upper division Astrophysics majors, in particular those doing well in their course work, can find employment within the Institute.


Graduation & Career Options

Students in the Astrophysics Degree program must complete an original Senior Thesis project. This research experience, as well as the courseload required for a major, is designed to prepare students for careers in several very broad areas, including graduate school, industry, and secondary education.

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